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If you’re looking for expert demolition services in or around Lake City, FL, you can call off your search. That’s because Tanner Construction Group offers comprehensive commercial and house demolition services for any property. Let our demolition contractors handle all the hassles of demolition and deconstruction. From taking down the actual physical structure to dealing with the disposal of materials, you can rely on Tanner Construction. From house and concrete demolition to custom building new residential and commercial structures, Tanner Construction Group is here to help.

As a local, family-owned and operated business, at Tanner Construction, we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our customers. We believe in building lasting business relationships and hope to work with you for years to come. When you choose Tanner Construction, you get a committed partner who won’t call it quits until the job is done right. In summary, you can trust the experts at Tanner Construction to handle all the logistics for any demolition or construction project.

For expert demolition services, contact Tanner Construction today. Call (386) 418-0001.

Concrete Demolition

With concrete, you can often repair thin cracks and small sinks in a driveway, patio, sidewalk or another concrete area. However, if you can see multiple deep cracks, frost heaves, or settled concrete, the best option might be to remove and replace it. The amount of labor that it takes to thoroughly patch a driveway is often time more expensive than the cost of simply redoing it!

Concrete demolition is extremely difficult to do yourself, due to concrete’s incredibly strong and durable nature. Thankfully, Tanner Construction Group has the tools necessary to quickly handle any concrete demolition services that you might need.

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